The perfect pillow for breakfast in bed

The perfect pillow

Unbox your way to fluffy perfection

What makes us so special?

                                                 We start with the casing. A 20" by 28" shell with a 2" gusset provides                                                     enough room for a substantial pillow feel, and for the fill to circulate                                                     throughout the case into perfect plushy perfection. Next, we move to                                                   the fill. We use a unique, high quality polyester fill that mimics the                                                         feel of premium down, allowing for maximum sheep counting.                                                               Finally, we end with overall quality. We source the casing from the                                                         highest quality 100% cotton fabric, and made it machine washable for  quick and easy drool removal.

Easily the best purchase I've ever made, bought a two more for my wife.

Sam P.

Just the right amount of fill, and extremely fluffy. Couldn't ask for a better pillow.

Edward W.

Haven't slept this well in months! 5 stars.

Ashley H.

Sooooo soft this is exactly what I've been looking for!! Hands down best pillow I've ever slept on.

Pete D.

The only pillow you'll ever need.

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